Friday, July 24, 2009


Commonly, the terms 'destiny' and 'fate' are used somewhat interchangeably.

Here, this blogger submits a heterosexual view that they denote entirely different, distinct and complementary phenomena.

A male human being (whether he realizes it or not) speaks destinies/'destinations' to a female. She, in turn, has the power to provide a (path of) fate/reality so that he/they can reach the destiny that he has declared.

Thus, it is important for a man to be careful what words he addresses to a female. If he composes and declares a positive and constructive destiny, she will provide fate/opportunities for that; and if he composes and speaks a negative and destructive destiny, she is 'stuck with' providing paths of fate to arrive at a negative out-come (although she has considerable natural capacity to make the best of even bad input).

With a modicum of poetic license, this process is quite analogous to the interaction between a sperm cell and an egg cell: the genes or the former declare a destiny and the genes and cytoplasmic resources of the latter provide a 'path' of fate for a new life to develop.

When a man falsely denies that he has spoken words constituting a destiny to a woman, he is a jerk.