Thursday, April 20, 2017

 POST XXXV - ADDENDA: To Clarify Some Implicit Concepts

1)   A woman, except for occupations requiring brute strength, can do anything a man can do - and often better than a man!

       Yet such female capacity depends, to some extent, on a man telling her that she can perform the task.  This is what a woman/girl is referring to when she says she needs a father/brother/husband/boyfriend/teacher/cleric or even a passing acquaintance or a senior mother or aunt to verbally and emotionally "support" her.     This phenomenon is implicit in much of what this blogger has written before in terms of a female 'giving birth to' a reality in accordance with how she has been 'impregnated' by male words, action and wants.

       Unfortunately, a female is exquisitely sensitive to male complaint and criticism that undermine her confidence and capacities.  Such is the real lesson of the Genesis 'Garden of Eden' story. 

  2)    BASIC SEX EDUCATION:  Boys and Men of All Ages should be taught to address only positive and constructive words and actions and wants to (and about) a female.

      'Flattery Gets a Man Everywhere and Everything!'

3)    To the extent that good and evil exist, there is no such thing as a good man or a bad/evil woman.

      A river becomes bad/evil only when it has been polluted upstream by mankind.  Similarly, a woman becomes bad/evil only when she has been emotionally or conceptually 'polluted' by a man or an institution.

4)    It has been said (and this blogger concurs) that a man 'follows his phallus'.

      A female, on the other hand, organizes her environment to be 'in tune with' her complex and highly innervated genitalia.

5)    Aside from the trivial 'yin' and 'yang' of Oriental philosophy, philosophers (both East and West) have ignored the possibility that their ideas might be valid for males but not for females.   This Philosophy of Heterosexuality begins to address this conceptual/intellectual deficiency!

6)     Although a woman or girl likes to be able to engage in traditional male activities, she does not "envy" males or male sexuality (notwithstanding Freud's assumption).

  7)    Female children, virtually from birth, are keen observers of human relationship and quickly perceive that male functioning is different from (and complementary to) female functioning in social interactions.

       A boy pays primary attention is to the surrounding environment (including other people) and what he can get from it.  While a boy might obtain different things from a man than from a woman, he is unlikely to analyze how male-female interaction per se works.

       Thus, into adulthood, most men (like Freud) have failed to recognize that a woman is more than simply a different kind of man - while girls and women all know this!