Friday, July 16, 2010

XVII. SUMMARY SO FAR  (Jan/14 correction female interprets male)

'Philosophically' considering (i) the microscopic interaction between a sperm cell and an egg cell (how all higher life forms originate), I have noted a number of 'conjugate' pairs of concepts that also may be pertinent in apprehending the nature of (ii) macroscopic interaction between male bodily anatomy and female bodily anatomy and (iii) psychosocial male-female interaction. (See Post #IV - "Soma in the Capacity of Psyche").

Conjugate pairs of terms that I utilize (there may be others) are:

(a) the male element effects the female element while the latter affects the former (the female function of affecting may precede the male effecting her - but the functions are virtually synchronous);

(b) the male element informs the female element while she transforms him;


(c) the male element defines the female element while the latter interprets the former.

This blogger perceives that the functions of effecting, informing and defining contribute 'energy' to the situation whereas the functions of affecting, transforming and interpretation have the quality of 'power'.

Analogously, this blogger posits interaction between: 'Destiny' and 'Fate' (Post # VIII); 'Soul' and 'Spirit' (Post #XV); and even 'Past' and Future' (Post #XVI).

Although my theory is based on nature, it turns out that a careful reading of Genesis 1 (Post #XIII) allows for (i) the "God" described there to be perceived as the 'impregnating' male effecting, informing and defining element of pro-creative endeavour while (ii) "the heavens and the earth" (ie, the laws of nature) affect, transform and interpret God's input - and 'give birth to' the cosmos.

An implication of this blogger's theoretical formulations is that reality itself is a manifestation of procreative interaction between two entities that are each half of a process. This calls into question the validity of (i) the kind of 'rugged individualism' that is revered in Western culture and (ii) 'individual psychotherapy'. Regarding such, William Epstein's book, "Psychotherapy as Religion: The Civil Divine in America", offers a pertinent critique.

In a later Post, I shall attempt also to formulate male-female interaction according to the principles of holography: e.g., male coherent input acts as a 'reference beam' while female existence is 'what is illuminated'. If this is valid, it would also apply to understanding the relationship between destiny and fate, soul and spirit and past and future. (Perchance some reader will offer this as a "Comment" before I figure it out.)