Saturday, August 8, 2015


Mr. Trump's disparaging description of Ms. Megyn Kelly and her careful questions during the August 6th, 2015 Republican Primary Debate do not demonstrate "Political Incorrectness" as he suggests;  rather, mere ignorance on his part.

Evidently, Mr. Trump shares Freud's view that there is only one sex - male;  and that a woman is simply a defective man (e.g., lacking male genitalia and bleeding every month).

Mr. Trump and his ignorance give 'Political Incorrectness' a bad name.


While Mr. Trump prides himself on being "Politically Incorrect", his pattern of verbally combating a woman as though she were simply another man is reminiscent of the sameness doctrine of 'Political Correctness' that teaches that there is no difference between male and female;  and no call on a man to function as a Gentleman who respects a Woman as being something special and different than him.

Logically, Mr. Trump and his on-line acolytes can be seen as disciples of the asexual or mono-sexual culture of 'Political Correctness'.

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