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Creation  is accomplished by one or more people (or, perchance microorganisms) using (i) materials at hand and (ii) Classical cause-and-effect physics and chemistry and/or (iii) the probabilities of quantum mechanics to make something new.

[Sometimes the "God" of Genesis 1 is reputed to create without any materials already being at hand (ie, ex nihilo)]

Procreation is accomplished by the intimate interaction of one male and one female entity.  The male element contributes (genetic) information, while the female element contributes both (genetic) information and materials used in the making of the new thing. [cf. POST #V]

Interestingly, Genesis 1 easily can be read as an interaction between the (male) "God" who donates (verbal) information (eg. "Let there be light, etc.") to "The (female) heavens and the earth" so that the latter can 'give birth to' light, etc.  [cf. POST # XIX]

Serendipity  is defined by Merriman-Webster as "the faculty/phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought after";  and the OED as "(a supposed talent for) the making of happy and unexpected discoveries by accident or when looking for something else;  such a discovery."

Over the years, I have had occasion to ask men whether they are "religious".  Commonly, men offer the answer that they simply believe there is "a Higher Power" - because they have had experiences wherein events turned out better than they expected.

I suspect that such men have simply experienced (as has this blogger) serendipity; a natural phenomenon.

But this experience is so universal and puzzling that some men have invented various supernatural religions in an attempt to 'harness', 'control' and 'sell' this phenomenon.  (John Hick - see below - does not proffer such a direct and mercenary connection.)

When I have asked a woman whether she is "religious", she commonly replies that she is "spiritual".

I suspect that such a woman simply perceives that she is, naturally, an incarnate manifestation and resource of serendipity for the man/men in her life.


In POST #XIX, I have described male words and wants as having the effect of "Divinity".

Here, I additionally propose that female Being/existence itself is properly construed as "Supernatural".

Thus (as I have noted in previous POSTS), when a man addresses words/wants to a woman who loves him, she has the (even magical) capacity to 'conceive', 'gestate' and 'give birth to' a reality/future corresponding with what he has said and wants.

In addition, I suspect that a female has the very cosmos (ie, "the heavens and the Earth") as her agent  to supply serendipity to men in general.

When men feel 'spooked' by such apparently supernatural female power, they tend to critically identify the woman as a "witch" rather than simply respecting and appreciating what she provides.

While not considering male authorial "divinity" or female "supernatural" power, John Hick, on page xxiv of the Second Edition of his An Interpretation of Religion: Human Responses to the Transcendent (2004) writes about serendipitous events: "They are happiness-making and as though planned for us by a benevolent power.  Accordingly, serendipity can be experienced either as the structure of the cosmos or as the work of a personal Being."


Whether a man realizes it or not, a woman naturally perceives his words and wants as being, to all intents and purposes, 'Divine' while she, unavoidably, orchestrates 'Supernatural' power/capacity in his favor.

The Genesis 'Garden of Eden' story describes what happens when a man fails to understand that he functions as a Divinity and his wife functions Supernaturally: A CIRCUMSTANCE THAT RENDERS A FREE-STANDING "GOD" IRRELEVANT.


She is, after all, something of a 'Genie in the Bottle' that must be considered and addressed very carefully and respectfully.


The concepts 'divine' and 'supernatural' have usually been thought of as essentially synonymous.  Here, this blogger identifies them as being complementary, rather than interchangeable.  Similarly, in POST # XV, I describe 'soul' and 'spirit' as complementary, rather than synonyms.

Historically, physics could not advance until the difference between such concepts as 'force' and 'momentum' was clarified.  I believe the same principle applies to terms in philosophical-theological formulations.

And, a man does not have to tell his Wife that his words/wants are as though 'divine'.  She has always known this in the core of her Being --- THAT'S WHY SHE LOVES HIM!

A man may endlessly try to prove that a supernatural "God" exists while his supernatural Wife clearly exists -  right in front of him!

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