Thursday, June 23, 2016


Contemporary cosmology is close to fully clarifying the physics of how the universe of time, space and events came to be - but has no idea where it comes from.  Similarly, a theist is certain that God created the universe of time, space and events - but has no idea where God comes from.

In the preceding two POSTS, I have described 'Divinity' and the 'Supernatural' as being complementary - with the former a manifestation of male functioning and the latter characterizing the female.

I suspect that the very universe of time, space and events back to and 'before' the 'Big Bang' comes from ongoing and PRESENT interaction between heterosexual 'Divinity' and the 'Supernatural'.  There is nothing OTHER - such as a free-standing 'God'  Thus, time, space and events take place and evolve in the context of male-female procreative sexual interaction rather than vice versa as commonly thought.

And such heterosexual interaction CHANGES THE PAST.  And when the PAST changes, there is then a new PRESENT and a new FUTURE.

Of course there is no way to prove that the PAST  has changed - because if the PAST has truly actually changed IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY!

St. Augustine broached the possibility that the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE are all one and the same.  And contemporary particle physics suggests that some phenomena are most easily understood if one thinks of time as moving BACKWARDS.

The anatomy of the cosmic heterosexual intercourse situation would be as follows:

1) The is a point- for-point correlation between a woman's sexuality and the universe of time, space and events wherein a man lives.

2) When a man's phallus enters a woman's vagina, he (if he pays any attention at all) learns the nature and characteristics of the universe of time, space and events wherein he lives.

3) And when the man's phallus informs (ie, forms/shapes from the inside) his woman's vagina, he also informs the world of time, space and events wherein he lives (Cf. POST #V) and potentially impregnates such.

[When a person's vagina is entered, the person is subject to being impregnated.  When a person's rectum is entered, the person may become programmed.]

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